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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

No unless otherwise noted in the booking details.

Yes, each full hook-up campsite does. However, primitive camping is outside the campgrounds and designated site areas so a burn ring is not provided.

Yes, you can either purchase firewood bundles to be delivered to your site by texting 479-330-5010 or you can pick up fallen sticks/wood from the trails.

Our system keeps us in check with inventory levels. As long as you are able to book, you are good to go.

Include that detail on the booking form when submitting your reservation. If the site you have requested hasn't already been reserved, that's the site you will get. If it has already been reserved, you will receive an email from one of our booking associates.

You will receive an email prior to your arrival with site assignments. If you have a late arrival and the office is closed, you will receive an additional email with after hours check-in information.

Check-In Process: Check-in is not required. Once you receive your email assignment, you are welcome to come in and set up your camp.

Yes, we are a verified Polaris Outfitter and provide new Polaris Side by Sides to enjoy on our trail system. They are seasonal and opening season can change year to year but is usually April-November. Click book now link on site to see calendar availability.

Yes. All 4x4b rig types are welcome. We have dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, SXS/RZR's, Jeeps, Modified Rigs and Rock Crawlers that come out to enjoy our trails.

Online or use our convenient self check-in.

Trail system is open from daylight to dawn, however, for our campers it is open for night riding. Whereas office may be closed, the trail system is open all major holidays. Any campers riding on trails after 9pm are asked to keep noise levels down and do not drive around campgrounds unless going to/from your site. Be respectful.

Yes, we have signage on most all trails with icons indicating Easy, Moderate or Extreme.

AVENZA Mapping App. It is a free download.

The most common mistake people make is going straight to the search bar without clicking on the "STORE" icon. When you do this, it is actually searching your saved maps.

Yes, make sure your location services are on. It will allow you to see where you are at all times and even track your own trails.

Reception is spotty in areas.

Yes. It runs off GPS/Satellite not phone service.

Yes. Due to high demand and logistics, reservations are required for rentals. You are able to book up to one hour before start time.

No. Due to other reservations and prep time needed between rides, we are not able to extend time.

Rental unit, helmet, goggles and 1 tank of gas.

Yes. 1 tank of gas is sufficient for a 2 hour or 4 hour ride.

Yes, if the duration you are seeking is not available as an option, please send inquiry to

Regardless of how long you plan to go, 2 hours is the minimum. You would just be returning the unit early.

Your card must have $1500 available credit at time of ride. Your card is not charged unless you do return a unit with damages.

We go rain or shine. Some people prefer rainy conditions. However, we understand that no one enjoys riding in storms or bad conditions so we will work with you. We do offer a one-time courtesy schedule change so please rest assured we will work with you on a solution.

It all depends.

2 hours is good for tourist that are looking to get in other attractions during their stay

4 hour is good for intermediate or advanced riders, as some feedback is that it takes about an hour to really get acquainted with the machine and realize it’s capability.

But again it just depends on your preference! There are many factors to consider.

If riding with kids that have a short attention span we’d recommend the 2 hour

If you plan to take your time to explore the property along the way, such as, cave exploring, hanging out /taking breaks along the way to enjoy scenery, picnic, etc., then we’d recommend the 4 hour.

With all that said, we have people who camp with us and bring in their own rigs that will spend 3 days on the trails or longer.

If you are still in question then we recommend the 2 hour. We can extend if we have the availability.

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